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Deconstruction sustainable solutions for construction

Foster circular economy with the use of recycled materials

Optimize local resources, reduce supply costs and decrease carbon footprint

CHRYSO®Quad solutions, extend the field of use of complex aggregates in concrete formulations. It becomes possible to use locally sourced aggregates and/or aggregates from deconstruction sites, while maintaining the technical performance of concrete.

Clarena MC 2000 Water Reducers offer excellent resistance to the effects of swellable clays, such as smectites on aggregates and enhance the use of locally available “dirty” aggregates.

These technologies offer concrete producers access to local supply streams and foster circular economy solutions.


Our admixture solutions:

  • CHRYSO®Quad
  • Clarena MC 2000

Our services:

  • Regional labs for customer-driven innovation with material characterization capabilities and mix optimization know-how
  • CO2 savings quantification tool.
  • EPD Program and customer consulting