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Even more solutions for today’s concrete challenges. We partner with our customers throughout the cement and concrete lifecycle, enabling them to achieve their technical, business, and sustainable objectives.

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Chryso and GCP (Saint-Gobain Construction Chemicals) is a worldwide leader in sustainable construction.

It is the group’s mission to drive 100% of its projects through eco-innovation by 2030 using lifecycle analysis and direct customer engagement.

The integration of our two companies creates a vast depth of R&D expertise and technical know-how alongside a portfolio of concrete admixtures and cement additives that are well-positioned to assist the industry on its journey to carbon neutrality by 2050.

“On the ASU ISTB-7 project, through mix optimization we were able to reduce the CO2 of one mix design by 59kg CO2e per cubic yard which equated to approx 624,000 kg CO2e savings on the decks alone. GCP was a great partner on the admixtures and mix design CO2 comparisons”

Joel Martinez, QC Manager, Martin Marietta AZ


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December 2023 International Cement Review
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Materials characterization

Materials characterization

Characterization of your materials from aggregates to sands and cements allows us to more effectively develop tailor made solutions that address your challenges. Through this deep understanding we have developed cement additives to optimize the grinding of clinker, strength enhancement of cement, as well as concrete admixtures that specifically address clays in aggregates and allow for the use of variable materials like manufactured sands.
Low-cabon concrete mix design optimization

Low-carbon concrete mix design optimization

Our expert teams provide concrete producers with effective levers to develop high-performing concrete compliant with CO2 reduction targets. These levers include: reducing transportation impacts through the use of locally available raw materials, substituting high carbon footprint materials with lower carbon materials like supplementary cementitious materials and increasing the service life of structures through the use of durability enhancing admixtures.
EPDs dedicated service for construction projets

EPDs dedicated service for construction projets

The EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) is fast becoming the preferred tool to quantify concrete embodied carbon for new construction projects. Our EPD Program is fully integrated into our mix design optimization approach which pre-quantifies carbon savings then accompanies our customers through third party verification by facilitating access to Athena’s certified, on demand EPD software.