Materials sourcing (Quarries)

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Materials sourcing (Quarries) sustainable solutions for construction
Materials sourcing (Quarries) sustainable solutions for construction

Local use of sands and aggregates​

Fostering a circular economy through local supply streams ​

What if concrete producers could extend the possibilities of sourcing aggregates and sands closer to their production facilities with no compromise on concrete quality?​

CHRYSO®Quad Water Reducers enable using up to 100% manufactured sands and increasing the ratio of sands containing an excessive or too low proportion of fines.​

Clarena MC 2000 offers excellent resistance to the effects of swellable clays, such as smectites on aggregates and enhance the use of locally available “dirty” aggregates.​

These technologies offer concrete producers access to local supply streams and foster circular economy solutions.​

Our admixture solutions:

  • CHRYSO®Quad,
  • Clarena MC 2000​

Our services:

  • Regional labs for customer-driven innovation with material characterization capabilities​

Limestone filler for construction applications

Improve grinding efficiency for high-fineness limestone

When used as a filler in construction applications, ground limestone can lead to some challenges quality-wise and process-wise.

Daragrind grinding aids significantly improve grinding efficiency and reduce agglomeration and coating issues in the mill. The energy consumption per ton of limestone is reduced while the fineness targets are achieved.

Our admixture solutions:


Our services:

  • Dash App for costs and CO2 savings quantification,
  • Tailor made solutions
  • Mill audits