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The built environment - sustainable solutions for construction

Improving impact resistance and long term crack control

Enhanced safety and productivity with ease of application

STRUX® 90/40, one of the most specified synthetic macro-fibers, improves impact resistance, durability and long- term crack control properties of concrete by equally distributing structural fibers throughout the entire concrete matrix. There’s no risk from corrosion, and none of the risk or job site obstruction inherent with the use of welded wire or mild steel reinforcement.

STRUX® eliminates time and labor versus installing welded wire mesh (WWM). It eliminates the need to lift, carry, hoist, position, cut and tie awkward, heavy sheets or rolls of welded wire fabric (WWF) and thus helps to reduce construction time and labor cost.

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Our services:

  • Project support through engineering services group
  • Strux app

Extending the life of your structure

Improving durability

An important factor in understanding embodied carbon is determining the service life of the concrete structure itself. Obviously, improving the durability of concrete has a sizeable impact on how long the structure will last, and thereby an impact on the structure’s carbon footprint.

DCI® corrosion inhibitor chemically inhibits the corrosive action of chlorides on reinforcing steel and prestressed strands in concrete. It also promotes strength development of the concrete and extends the service life of structures in a de-icing salt and marine environment.

ECLIPSE® shuts down shrinking, cracks and curling while increasing durability, lowering maintenance costs and extending structure service life.

Our admixture solutions:

  • Strux
  • Eclipse
  • DCI

Our services:

  • Engineering services group project support

Enhanced pumpability, workability and strength development

Increase productivity on job site and achieve sustainability goals

Proving performance on job sites with highly contributing on reducing the embodied carbon of projects is possible with our Water Reducers.

CHRYSO®OPTIMA is a new generation high-range water reducer that enable to pump concrete up to 650 feets maintaining excellent workability for high performance (HPC) and ultra high-performance concretes (UHPC).

CONCERA® enhances movement and finish and enables to produce segregation-resistant concrete consistently that takes less labor to place and finish compared to conventional concrete.

Enviromix® Water Reducers combine strength enhancement, water reduction and rheology improvement to achieve cement reduction with a single admixture.

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Our services:

  • Regional labs for customer-driven innovation with material characterization capabilities and mix optimization know-how
  • CO2 savings quantification tool
  • EPD Program and customer consulting program

Improving consistency of delivered concrete

Leveraging industrial iOT for CO2 reduction

With VERIFI®, all loads are measured for slump and temperature, letting producers catch bad loads before they pour. Low strength concrete can be mitigated, as well as the risk of having to repair or replace concrete. By delivering a more consistent product at a higher level of quality, ready-mix producers can realize significant business improvements including:

  • Fewer loads rejected on site
  • Less admixtures used
  • Reduced disposal of unused concrete
  • Less cement used
  • CO2 optimized concrete mix design with less cement due to a better monitoring of quality
  • More loads delivered successfully per day with reduced disposal of unused/returned concrete
  • Higher truck rotation and productivity on site
  • Fewer jobs needing to be re-done with extra cost-avoidance for concrete producers eventually