New binders & SCMs (enhance innovation)

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New binders & SCMs (enhance innovation) sustainable solutions for construction
New binders & SCMs (enhance innovation) sustainable solutions for construction

Extend the use of low-carbon binders and new SCMs in concrete

Synergistic approach between cement and concrete

Chryso and GCP has developed unique expertise in cement chemistry, concrete mix design and materials characterization over the last ten decades. The emergence of low-carbon binders (Type IL, Type IP, Type IT cements) and new SCMs (calcined clay, ground glass, etc.) requires high level know-how in combining cement and concrete admixture technologies to make possible the use of these new materials in cement and concrete.

, TAVERO, the EnviroMix® offering, and our combined portfolio of Water Reducers provide us with unequaled levers to enhance the cement and concrete performance and carbon reduction.

Our admixture solutions:

  • EnviroMix® & EnviroMix® SE
  • ADVA & ADVA Cast
  • CHRYSO®Optima
  • CHRYSO®Quad

Our services:

  • R&D Center located in North America
  • Regional labs for customer-driven innovation with material characterization capabilities and mix optimization know-how
  • CO2 savings quantification tool